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Pokemon Go Fest Success or Fail? Legendary Pokemon Released After System Failure!

Its a bird, its a plane, no its Lugia and Articuno! Only two of the legendary pokemon were released after a massive system failure at one of the most anticipated events in America, "Pokemon Go Fest". "Its not everyday you get to battle and catch a Articuno/Lugia" said several trainers attending the event. So, if you didn't get to buy a ticket or accidentally forgot about the festival you can celebrate, because you didn't miss out on much. Niantic did however reimburse and compensate all of the trainers who purchased tickets for the huge festival. Receiving $100 worth of coins and other bonuses like stardust, XP boost, and special candies. Niantic made sure to bring it after the major upset.

On top of battling extremely rare pokemon at the festival, for those who couldn't make it to Chicago. Niantic gave trainers worldwide several different challenges that had the streets littered with Poke´ fans. These challenges consisted of catching specific types of pokemon, contributing to a worldwide reward in the game.

All in all congratulation to Niantic for coordinating an amazing event and making a lot of money! These events are what our society need, seeing that it brings total strangers together for a entertaining cause.

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