Inside of Ball N Chain

       Made up of students and young adults Ball N Chain is a entertainment company based out of Houston, Texas dedicated to making a difference in the world through the art forms of music and showcases. When we are not booked for entertainment events, we are promoting our “Stop the Violence/Anti-bullying” Campaign & "Sweep The Streets" Community Service Project. We travel to many different schools, universities, and conventions nationwide bringing awareness to the violence going on locally and internationally. With the help of our amazing mascot Link, during each campaign rally we play interactive learning games and give away tons of prizes to all participants. 

      Just as the media is capable of influencing children and young adults, we believe that our music can be just as powerful. While a great deal of the music today is being used negatively uplifting the use of drugs, violence, and hatred. We choose to create music that promotes peace, fun, and unity. As leaders, we understand the power that we have in the eyes of the public youth and we feel that it is our duty to make sure that we are leading as role models and examples while motivating all individuals towards success.  



     Ball N Chain's "Sweep The Street" community service project focuses on allowing, volunteers, and troubled youth to visit neighborhoods/parks with us to help renovate appointed locations. It is by this manner that we are able to influence young individuals to go to college, pull away from violence, do their part in bringing an end to bullying, and start being more active in their own communities. 


Why Choose Us?


We listen, we discuss, we bring your ideas to life. Whether it’s an event, photoshoot or graphic design Ball N Chain strives to satisfy each and every customer effectively & efficiently.


We love nothing more than working on a great project with amazing clients. We care about our clients and go over and beyond to get everything successfully completed.


Established in 2010 we’ve been providing DJ services, developing events, and graphic designs since the early 2000's. We love discussing and planning new projects and have years of knowledge and experience that we provide to our clients.